Gourmet Exprezz

Fresh Mediterranean Cuisine

Kabobs, Gyros, and More.

About Us

At Gourmet Exprezz, freshness is all we know. In a world where food is often chemically processed, prepackaged and frozen, we make everything the old fashion way. When it comes to the freshness of our food, there is nothing more important. We are intent on keeping our customers feeling welcome, comfortable, and satisfied. Our meats are 100% fresh and have never been frozen. Free of additives, fillers and preservatives, the meat we use exceeds the highest standards. We have a wide variety of foods from kabobs to the Gourmet Gyros, also appetizers from Spanikopita to Hummus. Our commitment to freshness is evident in the smallest aspects of our food. Our salads are made with real, natural romaine and mixed-leaf lettuce, with the ripest vegetables selected by the owners themselves. At Gourmet Exprezz we have never heard of a microwave and intend to keep making meals from scratch.

A truly authentic Mediterranean cuisine, great for any occasion is right here in Vacaville, with many great choices of entrees, appetizers and desserts, we assure you and your guests much happiness and satisfaction.