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About Gourmet Exprezz

Est. 2007
greek & Mediterranean cuisine
Come in and enjoy a fusion of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.
We are intent on keeping our customers feeling welcome, comfortable, and satisfied. If you want healthy food in a moderate amount of time, this is the place to go. Gourmet employees will gladly answer any questions you may have as well as make sure your order goes out in a timely manner. You also have the convenience of placing your order online by clicking on "order now!" on the home page or calling your order in using the number provided on the top right corner of this page. Your food will be ready for you to pickup within the time frame you are provided with upon ordering.
Our menu is served with a unique twist in a comfortable, modern environment. Gourmet Exprezz is this community’s best-kept secret for casual dining that is also affordable. 
We at Gourmet Exprezz offer many various options to choose from. Our menu includes three different options of meat as well as vegetables, this makes us the go-to place for meat lovers as well as vegetarians. Customers also have the option of making their meal vegan, carb free, or gluten free. We also have cold food to suit the scortching hot weather of Vacaville as well as hot food to suit the cold of winter.
Gourmet Exprezz employess make an honest effort at making sure our food has the highest quality possible. Our food is prepared daily, we do not get anything pre packaged, and we make sure to keep our restaurant clean. Cleanliness is a major attribute to why we believe our food has the highest quality available. By keeping everything clean and organized, we can make sure that every order that goes out is prepared to reach our quality expectations
We value our customers and good food here at Gourmet Exprezz. To show how much we value our customers, we will take our time to make sure you are ordering the correct thing and will do anything in our powers to keep you happy. We also value good food. All the food we serve here is up to Gourmet standards, if the customer ever feels other wise, feel free to let us know and we will make sure to make your food the right way, the Exprezz way.
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